2015 Interior Design Pattern Trend

With varied choices for your interior, do you know what patterns are appropriate and which of them can highlight your space to make it design-worthy?

I’ve researched this year’s trend and evidently the design theme goes back to mother nature. From boho chic rooms, to minimalist sun-loving bedrooms, I present to you the top interior design prints of 2015.

Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015

1. Florals

Floral Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via Pier1.com

This pattern never goes out of style. If there is anything that can be done to spruce up a sad-looking, droopy boring room, florals would be it.

HOW TO USE IT: Add a touch of daisy, carnation or your favorite flower into your daily living – on printed pillows, duvets, your ceiling, wall decals – but stick with one and remember simplicity. Do not overdo it or you’ll defy the entire logic of using florals as your trendy print in the first place. Sophistication calls for deep shades like indigo, navy blue, Pantone’s 2015 shade ‘marsala’, and deep honeysuckle or ruby reds. The best pairing with it would of course be on flat surfaces, solid colors and neutral palette.

2. Tropical & Foliage

Tropical & Foliage Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via Society6

Who knew this day would come when Hawaiian-inspired prints would rise to the occasion?

Don’t believe me, just check Instagram.

Majority of the snapshots of bedrooms & living rooms will involve a plant, a leaf or anything with a dark lush green. Ferns and cacti are the top choices due to their versatility and low maintenance. Foliage has been making big rounds this year.

HOW TO USE IT: Most foliage prints look well with almost anything, but if you want to bring an airy, summer feel to your space, pair them with a light or nude palette. Foliage is also best complemented with deep dark hardwood floors – rustic or smooth polish, it doesn’t matter because any of them puts these prints on the foreground. Tropical prints are best seen in metallic colors and funky vibrant hues that pack a punch.

3. Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via HomeDecorators.com

Care for some getaway in the Pacific or the Caribbean?

These ubiquitous beauties will not only take you to a happy place but they also serve as a tone-down for the eyes. It works great in spaces meant for relaxation – think patio, family room, living room or study.

HOW TO USE IT: Palm prints look great with rattan or sisal. Any organic texture that resembles the great outdoors or the beach will look best with it. The prints can range from green to even black & white. For a change, don’t use glass or ceramic bowls on your living room display. Instead, use coconut husks spray-painted in metallic gold or copper. And if you’re feeling lazy, just go au naturale – its agrestic appearance will just be a plus factor to your room. No one will ever know you didn’t lift a finger to pull that off.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via Society6.com

There’s a reason why Spongebob Squarepants have stirred a cult in its making. The famous yellow bubbly cartoon lives in a pineapple under the sea. Because why not? It looks cool.

The distinctive nature of the fruit beholds anyone who dares look at it. I mean, it even has a crown! You cannot miss not seeing a pineapple. As it appears, 2015 is mostly comprised of fresh tropical prints – this being one of them. I’ve seen pineapple decors used in metallic colors, in monochrome and personality palettes like this bright print.

HOW TO USE IT: Use sparingly. Bold prints like this can easily overwhelm and tighten a room. Let loose by using it on pillows and art prints. If you are using a more restricted palette, use one print instead of a repeated pattern. Silhouettes will work too.

5. Marble & Limestone

Marble & Mineral Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via DotandBo.com

Streamlining your space with finesse can be hard to do if you’re on a budget. Luckily fluid prints like marble and limestone can elevate your room into a whole new dimension with just a few simple tricks.

HOW TO USE IT: Marble flooring can cut a corner on your design project’s budget but you have varied options to make your room shine without spending too much. You can buy a few genuine marble slabs and use it as feature tiling on the entrance or by the windows as floor liners or you can opt for the  synthetic ones – vinyl tiles or those with marble print which are easier to dismantle and maintain. The downsides of laying down authentic marbles in your room are the temperature and maintenance. Marbles are known to absorb cold and must be handled delicately. It’s not advisable to apply marble into a traffic-centered area, unless its quality grade is certified to handle so.

6. Tribal

Tribal Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via SaksFifthAvenue.com

2015 was definitely a year for authentic living and celebrating the crafters and the makers. It’s no wonder that this print has made a 2015 feature. You can easily spot the tribal love even in decors – antlers, geometrically lined objects. Think Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippines and Peru.

Bring home a piece of the world by using tribal prints in your home.

HOW TO USE IT: Blankets and bed covers make great carriers of the tribal print. A focal armchair bearing tribal print can also draw the vantage point in the room and acts as a cohesive anchor. Bring this to life even more by accentuating your space with memorabilia from the local folk shop or your trips abroad. Add a touch of elegance by draping over a faux sheepskin rug.

7. Feathers

Feather Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via Society6.com

Together with tribal, feathers have become an icon this year. From pillows to printed art works, vases and even wall decals, this print has presented texture in an ocular angle. It’s a very smart choice if you’re looking to apply depth and texture without those two being physically manifested in the room.

HOW TO USE IT: White pillows with feather prints on a breezy room, light sheer curtains and versatile wood floorings. Feather print can be dotted in a room with all the other interior design pattern trend of 2015. It can come in complex or simple, embellished or solid forms and you will not go wrong with it. As a classic touch, complex prints like the one above is best tailored with black and bold outlines to bring the small details of the print into focus.

8. Geometric

Geometric Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via Wayfair.com

Although geometric patterns have long invaded the design industry, 2015 has been interesting when it has seen the rise of two important attributes of this pattern: outline & two-toned.

Simple linear patterns (outline) have been the main highlight of wall art and decorative design but more importantly in architectural features. This is apparent in ceiling structures, chandelier shapes and furniture forms, ranging from a mixed play of thick lines and thin strokes with a handful of negative spaces, some mimicking a loose ensemble of filigree or hexagons in an abstract form of a beehive.

Two-toned, on the other hand has been spotted on decors, curtains and pillows, down to the couch fabric and comforters. They either came in a 3D geometric pattern and were placed along with muted tones over whites and greys paired with rich sophisticated wood panels.

HOW TO USE IT: Pick one pattern and observe it. Does it have squares or cubes? If so, use that to your advantage and reflect that silhouette back into the room. This can be done with the use of object shapes – use square pillows or cube shapes as a mirroring foundation for the geometry and in choosing your furniture and decor for example. If you only want to feature that pattern on one element, say the pillow, you can do that and reflect its color attribute instead. The blue and grey geometric print in this example can be bounced back into a room if you use the colors on any other elements like the furniture fabric, the carpet and so on.

9. Gold

Gold Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via LandofNod.com

Gold goes best with all the earthly materials – emeralds, wood, minerals, soil, slate, foliage. Like marble, adding gold into a room can zoom up its trend scale into a 10. If you’re worried of your space looking like a Cambodian temple, all you really need are a few pieces and you can turn your lair into a high-end suite with practicality.

HOW TO USE IT: Using gold gilded frames for your wall, gold chest handles for your dresser and even gold tassels to your drapes can make a huge difference. The unparalleled beauty of its shimmer is easy to spot on from the entryway of any space. If you don’t have gold available on your palette, go for something similar like maize or burnt yellow. Choose ochre if you need a humble shade to pair with. It works best for masculine spaces together with deep toned blues and cool greens.

10. Abstract

Abstract Print | Top 10 Interior Design Patterns of 2015
Image via Society6.com

Free-form patterns have also dominated in the 2015 interior design trend. Furniture, decor and architecture sported inspirations from shapes of cells and species of nature such as algae.

Not only does the trend hail from biology but it has also taken stock from inspirations in life such as interpretable movement from dance, radiowaves, wave signals from a lifesupport (who would have thought a lifeline would be so signature?) and then there’s also the escalation of children drawings which was also sported in this year’s fashion trend.

HOW TO USE IT: Abstract does really well with mature palettes like the print above. Charcoal, slate, grape and dark water blue are great bases. To use abstract prints, you must first apply it on one major element. This can either be your furniture, a structural feature in your room, or a simple art print then work around it.

Using this 2015 interior design pattern trend can either be a hit or miss. The best way you can successfully use them is to ensure the print you are using will act as an anchor. From there, pick the supporting pieces and pair it accordingly.

Hope you liked today’s blog! What’s your top pick from these ten patterns? Or do you have any other favorites I have not listed? I would love to hear your opinions.

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