Five Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Worse Case Scenarios And Silver Linings

I learned an incredibly painful but HUGE lesson last weekend.
As I was writing more than a 1000-word in-depth article on interior design for one of my clients, my laptop gave me a sudden hitch, so I had no choice but to restart it.
I was deeply secured that what I was writing was backed up in the cloud as what it has always done (app to Google Drive).
I was in disbelief that it wasn’t!
Not in my app nor cloud history, not in my local files. I was so disappointed, I was in 10 minutes of utter frustration in bed feeling that what I spent writing for the whole weekend was a “waste”.
I totally felt like a jelly. So this is how it is to be helpless on hard work! (I’ve experienced this before, but not this intense – I was almost done, like 95% done when this happened)
This pug in the photo is perhaps the most accurate face while I was staring at my laptop.
My younger self would have stayed in that grey area if she’ve let her emotions rule her.
But now, I tried to use that frustration time-out to recompose myself and think of what to do:
  1. I went to the app’s site for recovery instructions, nothing.
  2. Then I had to face the fact that EVERYTHING is gone.
  3. I then slowly retraced my browser history and had hope.
  4. With the history of browser links, I made an outline on my Evernote.
  5. I now have a better idea of writing my articles.
The thing is, I have been so used to doing things conventionally and conveniently (like ditching the outline to write directly and relying on just cloud for example) that I forgot accounting for sudden mishaps like this.
I remembered the movie 21:

Always account for variable change.

So yeah, when dealing with worse case scenarios, remember these 5 things:

  1. If there’s a bad thing that happened, there’s really always a good lesson behind it. Spend a few minutes to recoup and think what it might be (for me it was to rely on using outlines again!).
  2. Appreciate the silver lining after the storm. If it weren’t for this unfortunate situation of losing my well-researched article, I wouldn’t appreciate doing outlines & browser history tracking now. So in a way this meant I am saying hello to better writing! Also, Evernote is a must-have for work.
  3. You can’t expect everything to be within control, even if you think it will be. Best to always pack up and be ready.
  4. LET GO. Some things are just not meant to be pined over.
  5. It’s okay to start from scratch. You may get scathed but you’ll be alright. During the aftermath, you will find yourself learning to reach for support. Start there.

I hope you find the strength to begin again. I know you can do it.

And remember, if it’s not alright it’s not the end. 😉

What is one worse case scenario that you’ve had in your life and what good did it bring you? I’d love to know and perhaps add your story to a “Silver Linings” compilation sometime here in the blog if you allow it so.

Sending you magic from the universe. ✨ Everything will be alright, dreamer. 





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2 thoughts on “Five Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Worse Case Scenarios And Silver Linings

  1. Bae Milanes Reply

    I remember watching that scene from when I was younger, but I haven’t watched the entire movie yet. Maybe I should. Something tells me it’s going to be on my “Smart Movies I Watched” list.

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Definitely. 21 is one of my all-time favorite movies I never get tired of watching. It teaches you a lot – money management, working hard, relying on luck and variable change, trusting people. I have it on my recommended movie list for personal development which I’ll blog later this year. 🙂

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