I remember watching that scene from when I was younger, …

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I remember watching that scene from when I was younger, but I haven’t watched the entire movie yet. Maybe I should. Something tells me it’s going to be on my “Smart Movies I Watched” list.

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Dave’s Funhouse @ The District Dasmariñas
Aww I can picture that, too! Haha. I want to be a healthy, fit mommy. At 50, I want to be lean and not lumpy. There can be a huge difference if you start at an early age. It can also help you stay sharp mentally. Everyone needs it 🙂 Going back to Avis, omg don’t even bring me there. I will never leave that place!!! Haha. I wish I was 6 again. :'(

Dave’s Funhouse @ The District Dasmariñas
This place is too cute!! Ahhhhhh!! I think as a child at heart, I would play more than my own would-be child LOL. I didn’t really get the chance to play in this kind of place, it was more of jeepneys and local games like bahay bahayan. Avis is to lucky you’re very hands on. I would definitely do the same. I don’t want my child to be attached to anyone else but me. Iba ang quality pag alagang nanay.

TCAT & Lazada Shopping Review
Hi Iris, I had a friend who’s also an avid online shopper. She ordered a hair blower? straightener? I can’t remember! Haha. From Lazada and it was fake. It took her about one month to get a replacement and that’s also because she was very pushy about it and kept grilling the customer service, which was very lousy, to be fair. Personally, I have never shopped from Lazada because I’ve heard of bad reviews and I won’t even take the risk. But thanks for comparing it with TCAT! I’ve never heard of it until I read your blog post. Haha.

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