How To Set Goals With The Gear Yourself For Success (GYFS) Method

Knowing how to set goals is important in getting what you want and succeeding in life, especially in entrepreneurship and self development – for example, learning a skill or building your own business.

However, not many people can do goal setting right for them. Some know how to set goals but don’t seem to find the result they want right away. This is because the goal setting methods that are being used don’t apply universally.

Each person is unique and therefore, have different needs when it comes to goal setting. Here I’m going to show you how to set goals simply with a 5-step process I personally use: The GYFS Method.

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What is the GYFS Method?

GYFS Method stands for Gear Yourself For Success.

It’s a system I’ve developed for myself after having so many planners and journals on my arsenal; none of which worked to fit my needs and lifestyle.

The best part? This planner is only 5 pages.

Whoaaaa. 5 pages?! Are you sure???

Technically it’s 4 pages – because the planner really is just 4 pages. The 5th page is a bonus page of 30 tips for success. It comes in handy, I promise. 😉

How does that work if I only have 5 pages?

Glad you asked! What makes it different is that majority of the GYFS workbook focuses on habits, reflection and macro goals. By setting the foundations, you’ll eventually learn how to set goals properly and suitably for you.

I’ll teach you how that works in the later part of this post.

Note: Before you start, it’s essential to know that this workbook is designed for an annual goal setting. Your goals may or may not change over the course of 1 year so it’s best to mark the workbook with the year you’re doing it for.


Page 1: Strengths, Weaknesses and Inspirations

The first part of this goal setting method focuses on your strengths and weaknesses. Page 1 is all about knowing you and your skills.

Learning how to set goals with strengths and weaknesses makes your character stronger because you know which areas you have to improve and keep on improving.

It consists of 5 boxes:

  1. The 5 skills you know and love to do
  2. The 5 skills or experiences you lack
  3. The things you can do with your 5 strengths
  4. The things you need to overcome your 5 weakness
  5. A list of your inspirations to be checked daily


Page 2: Triggers and Major Monthly Goals

Page 2 enlists your triggers – both positive and negative triggers and your monthly goals.

By being aware of what motivates you and ticks you, you will be more wholly prepared in knowing how to set your goals.

The monthly goals tab focuses on one goal per month. This way, you can fulfill your goals in a more convenient fashion. It trains your mind to take on one big project at a time instead of being caught up in multiple confusing tasks.

Feel free to adjust your goals as you see fit.

Move them, switch them or even delete them… it’s up to you. The point in having these 12 boxes is for you to have a space of purpose for the year.


Page 3: Habits, Rewards, Consequences & Support

Page 3 concentrates on the four aforementioned elements: habits, reflections, rewards and supporters.


95% of goal setters fail because of one very important trait: habit.

I personally experienced this when setting my fitness goal. I realized that while I was motivated to lose and maintain weight, my exercise habits and grocery shopping didn’t reflect my goal. So I relapsed.

For the better part, I think this year I’ll start taking my goals more seriously but still with fun of course.

However, I’ll keep in mind that through habits, knowing how to set goals will be much much easier.

The first box requires you to set at least two (2) alarms daily.

Research shows that a daily reminder is appealing to effective goal implementation.

Rewards & Consequences

For this part, it’s all about knowing the WHY behind your goal. Aside from the HOW, it’s also vital that you are clear on the purpose of what you intend to do.

What is your “why”?

A clear path is the best path so writing the reasons & consequences will help you know how to set goals better.

This section is composed of the next three (3) boxes:

  • Your major why and its impact or the “how”
  • Future introspection or “What would happen? How will you feel?”
  • 12 monthly rewards

Major why measures your drive and how badly do you want this goal to happen in your life.

How does this also impact you? How drastic will your lifestyle change positively if you do this goal?

Future introspection is a future reflection on what might happen if you do not take action on your goal.

What will be affected? How will it make you feel?

12 monthly rewards is my favorite! This part is where you get to reap all the rewards of your hardwork! Goal setting ain’t fun when you get nothin’ right? *snap snap* So I deviced this part for you to write each of the month with a reward sitting right next to it.


What’s goal setting without support, am I right?

It can be very lonely when trying to learn how to set goals for yourself and follow through. So what’s the remedy?

A strong social foundation for what you want to do!

This may or may not be the same social circle you have now, but most likely I can tell you that it will be SO MUCH fewer than what you typically socialize with!


It’s because of this word: niche.

A niche is a particular interest narrowed done from one vague topic.

Think of the term goal setting. That’s the general thought. The niche could be fitness, business or education – it depends on what you’re going after.

So say, if you’re into fitness… a rather narrower niche in it could be running or jogging. And if you’re into these activities you need to find friends who are also into running or jogging too. Find a running group or jogging group near you and enjoy participating in activities.

RELATED: How To Find Your Tribe, Wellness and Empowerment


Page 4: Staples & Pick-Me-Uppers

This page gets you workin’ on your feet!

It consists of the following boxes:

  • Ideal work places (places of concentration; where you work best)
  • Optimal work schedule (times you work best)
  • Essential tools you need before working (so you can prep and get straight to your thing right away!)

The last two are crucial so pay attention to these too:

  • Activities you can do when you are low on motivation
  • A message to yourself

These two are powerful because if you know what you can do on days where it’s all monochrome, you’ll know how to bounce back to your goals much quicker than the last time.


Page 5: 30 Tips For Success

I’ll keep this a secret so you’ll have some surprise but trust me this page is waaaaaaaaay too good! I’d suggest you print two copies – one in your GYFS workbook and the other for your wall as a poster.

That way, your mind is constantly reminded to read them when your alarm rings for the GYFS reminder.

So that’s it. Congratulations on reaching the end! Now you have a more simplified way of setting goals and in turn you now know how to set goals short term and long term!

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Honestly, this blog post was way longer than the workbook itself. I figured it’ll just be a great expansive guide for you in case you need me to explain further. 😀

If you have questions on the workbook or the method itself, just hit me up in the comment section, tweet or send me a message on Twitter/Instagram (@earthloveskin) or email me here.

Again, thanks for sticking out! Paalam!

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  1. Brittany Ritcher Reply

    Iris! I love everything about this! I thought I was the only person who liked to come up with goal setting methods and madness 🙂 There are so many things that resonate with me here, but one of the aspects I love the most about your method is the “Why” and “Consequences” aspect. It’s so important to be very clear about the reasons why our actions are worth it…and what life will be like if we don’t put the work in vs. if we do. Love your method, thanks for sharing!

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Hi Brittany! Thank you so much for appreciating this post! I’m glad you have stumbled upon my blog and enjoyed my method. I wanted a no-nonsense way of setting goals and most goal setting planners are chunky so I made a 5-page planner myself, and have found this to be very useful for others too. Thank you again for visiting. I’d be happy to connect. Will follow you on social media. xo Iris

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    Hi Iris!
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    I’ve already signed up twice but still haven’t received the workbook.

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Hi Sheila! Apologies for the inconvenience. It seemed my new automation platform isn’t set up that’s why you are not able to receive it. I just replaced the link in my Instagram bio with my old email platform link, that should give you the workbook. You can also download it here: or from the box above the comments. My Instagram is @earthloveskin.

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