Hi Brittany! Thank you so much for appreciating this post! …

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Hi Brittany! Thank you so much for appreciating this post! I’m glad you have stumbled upon my blog and enjoyed my method. I wanted a no-nonsense way of setting goals and most goal setting planners are chunky so I made a 5-page planner myself, and have found this to be very useful for others too. Thank you again for visiting. I’d be happy to connect. Will follow you on social media. xo Iris

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Why You Should Build Your Brand Through Video
Thank you so much Veni! Can’t wait to meet you again!

Why You Should Build Your Brand Through Video
There’ll be post-event too! Looking forward to meet you, Shoden!

Coming Out: On Having Bipolar Disorder
Thank you so much for taking time to read Krish! 🙂

What you said was truly my goal when I started so it makes me happy to know that people like you find it relatable and useful. I am excited to write more on the blog. I hope you continue to support it! Thanks again for connecting with me on Twitter. If you have any suggestions on topics you want to know/read, drop me a line. Let’s see if we can adopt it!

TCAT & Lazada Shopping Review
Hi Ivy! Glad to be of help! Yeah there are many complaints with Lazada, and I’d say it’s a hit and miss, depending on the seller who fulfills your order. So far, TCAT is doing it for me. This prompted me to start my own retail lifestyle brand too. You can check us out at www.tavolozzaph.com 😊 thanks for dropping by!

Someday You Will Be Great [An Open Letter]
Doubt is really what cripples me too. It’s terribly hard to get yourself up in the morning on days that you have no motivation. So nice to have you read this Richel! I’m glad you found it useful. I suggest bookmarking this on Pinterest or where else and/or have it printed out and stick it to your desk to keep you reminded. 🙂

This is part of my letter to myself for the Gear Yourself For Success workbook. It’s a free 5-page action plan to set your goals for this year.

Hope you join our positive and life-loving community at The Olive Table! We’d love to have a dreamer like you! Let’s chat soon!

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