[PLAYLIST] Get It Done (Part 2) // 01 Arcove






Part 2 of the Get It Done series, this Arcove 01 playlist is bordering on the dancey, raw and edgy to the mellow and quiet. From pop, dark rock to chill pop and minimal house tech, its purpose is to wake you up every 4 minutes or so. Basically it’s that friend who nudges you, “hey, are you done yet?”

New playlist for you to enjoy. I made a Part 2 of the Get It Done series, this one featuring 55 songs versus the 19-20+ song from the last time. Sticking to the nature of it, my Get It Done playlists are for you if you’re looking for a specific mix of indie, EDM and chill tunes as your productivity (aka working) jam.
If you’re an artist or you want a track you love on my mixtapes, hit me up or comment below and if it’s good enough, I’ll get it on the next one!
Stay tuned for the next Arcove 02 series. It’s going to be lit and youthful!
Hope you enjoyed this month’s mixtape!
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