Someday You Will Be Great [An Open Letter]

Someday, you will be great.

You will do most of the things from your “everything-to-do” list, and you will be fulfilled. You will no longer need validation from anyone because you are whole.

You are not your salary, your job title, your friends list, your number of likes, how many beers you drank, coffees you sipped, teas you’ve tried, cigarettes you smoked, people you fooled with, jobs you’ve quit, songs you’ve cried to, photos you took, photos you deleted, people you forgot, people you met or the reflection in your foggy bathroom mirror you keep talking to.

You are the vision behind your eyes.
You are your experiences,
you are every waking breath and every sleeping hour.

The tears you shed and the laughter you got caught up in… All amount to the greatness that is you.

So don’t let your dreams die.
Don’t let your heart become cold.
Even when the world seeks you to feign love and happiness… try to be kind. But most of all, be kind to yourself.

You only have you. No one else can be you.

So please, love yourself.
And remember that mountains were once mounds on the earth.

Someday, you will be great. ❤️


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6 thoughts on “Someday You Will Be Great [An Open Letter]

  1. Clautelle Bautista Reply

    I love this! I love you!

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Aww, thank you Clauee! I love you too! 🙂

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  2. Richel V. Reply

    Loved reading this, Iris. I need something like this during times that I doubt myself.

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Doubt is really what cripples me too. It’s terribly hard to get yourself up in the morning on days that you have no motivation. So nice to have you read this Richel! I’m glad you found it useful. I suggest bookmarking this on Pinterest or where else and/or have it printed out and stick it to your desk to keep you reminded. 🙂

      This is part of my letter to myself for the Gear Yourself For Success workbook. It’s a free 5-page action plan to set your goals for this year.

      Hope you join our positive and life-loving community at The Olive Table! We’d love to have a dreamer like you! Let’s chat soon!

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