Success is NOT “Success”

Don’t let anybody define your success. It’s what you think & feel that matters at best.

Working towards success takes a steady mind and a passionate heart. But sometimes, we get circumstances that challenge us such as:

  • how to not compare with someone or how to not compare with anybody
  • how to not doubt your dream
  • how to build your own business or how to build your own startup from scratch
  • how to find a job that you love
  • how to find your tribe or similar people to share your passion with

Right?! And the list goes on.

Just because you see a 6, doesn’t mean it’s a 6. Upside down, it’s a 9 to someone else.


Which is what last Monday’s press con I attended to for a talk by IEF featuring Francis Kong was about.

I was reaaaaally excited for this event. In case you do not know, I took a break from blogging for a quarter of a year since Asia Women’s CEO event to do some self reflection and deep healing.


Here at San Juan for a blogger press con for inspirational speaker & business coach Francis Kong.

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Sometimes life breaks us just to be whole again.

Anyway back to the event!



Kristine Marcelo of IEF (Ignite - Empower - Flourish)
Kristine Marcelo of IEF (Ignite – Empower – Flourish)

According to Kristine Marcelo, CEO of the company Ignite Empower Flourish (IEF), organizer of symposium dubbed as “Success: Ignite – Empower – Fluorish”, success is not only achieving something in life, but being the best person you can possibly be.

This means aligning your self to your perceived self.

I once read in Art Costello’s book  that we gain happiness if those two are parallel.


Marcelo and IEF believes in the potential of young Filipino children that’s why they will be supporting the education to these selected youth who will study for a minimum of 12 months.

For now IEF has 10 young students from Zamboanga as beneficiaries who really belong to indigent families. Partnering with World Vision, helping IEF in sending these young people to school and have a better education towards a brighter future.

Marcelo also said that to have a much better success, IEF sponsored a symposium featuring business coach and motivational speaker Francis Kong and special guest speakers Eric Cruz and Ace Gapuz. The event aims to not only inspire the youth but all Filipinos as well on how to strive for success.


Why attend Success: Ignite – Empower – Flourish?

Francis Kong’s style of coaching is through personal value-based success.

Anything that you can do better today is your intangible asset.

And this is why most likely he partnered with IEF since the company’s vision is to also heighten awareness by forming practices and turning them into habits, which unconsciously, help you have a much higher chance of success.

By then, you will reach the self you perceived – who’s in the beginning, have been there all along.


Why Life Coaching?

Not everybody is up in the know with what life coaching is for. It’s not only for people who have issues but it’s also for those who want to seize life in full.

Life coaching is important in the sense that it teaches you how to love yourself. It also brings you to the realization that success defined purely by an external source is NOT a good measure of success.

It must be made or felt within.


If you’re interested to know more about what success is all about and how to define success, do attend IEF’s event at 2PM on October 18, 2016, AFP Theater, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City featuring Francis Kong with special guest speakers Eric Cruz and Ace Gapuz.

Ticket price is at PHP 1,900 for the benefit of World Vision.

IEF is also offering a “Buy 3 Take One promo” available only when purchased directly from IEF between September 20 to 30, 2016. The first 50 students who would purchase a ticket from September 20 onwards will only pay PHP 999.

IEF is built to fall under social entrepreneurship where projects are partially for profit and for a cause.


For reservations, please get in touch with:

Patricia Lana/Princess Erica Cruz


Thank you again IEF for hosting the event and for Huat Pot for having us! The food was delicious and the interior, incredibly detailed. There were also tokens given for the bloggers and I had a great time meeting everyone from bloggers to IEF members!





Oh, and one more thing.

Here’s a freebie for you because you stayed on motivated to become successful.

It’s a checklist of your daily affirmation and how you define success, meant to be as a print out you can stick to your wall or journal.

You can also download a wallpaper version below.

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So, how do you define your success? Let me know in the comments!

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