Spelling Out Freedom With Freelancing

Hey dreamer! Welcome back to the blog. I’m so so pumped for this weekend! Wanna know why? Two reasons. It has to do with my current career: freelancing!




  1. I’ve RSVP’d to a super interesting event that I’m proud to be a part of. Hosted by my good friend and co-freelancer/entrepreneur Ginger and her team from Manila Workshops, The Freelancer Fair is bound to be lit!
  2. I’m giving away 3 FREE passes to my lucky readers! So stay tuned until the end of this post!

But first, I wanna introduce you to how I got started in freelancing and why I went for it so you can do it too if you’re super curious on what this mysterious realm is all about.

I get asked about this all the time by friends and people from events so it’s finally nice to share my back story: more “Spelling Out Freedom With Freelancing”