This #WorldMentalHealthDay, Learn How To Cope With Your Triggers

Hello dreamers! Today is World Mental Health Day, and I would like to share some of my updates with you plus coping techniques for your triggers.

For those who have been following me & reading my blog since 2015-2016… you know very well that I have had to deal with personal issues, mainly depression.

April to August 2016 were the hardest months of my life. But now, one year later I stand before you and happy to say I’m out of that situation. I’m proud to be a suicide survivor, and have since dedicated my life to helping others cope with their struggles.

For Filipino advocates and mental patients, you can reach out to my organizations here for volunteer work, mental help and support:

While I know that mania & depression is possible to come back (Bipolar Disorder is a lifelong disorder), I have taken time to heal myself, adhere to medications and most especially, to learn how to cope with my triggers.

So today as a gift, this is what I want you to instill in your life and practice daily as often as you can.

I originally posted this on my support group on Facebook. You’re more than welcome to join us too! We have goal-setting challenges there weekly, #ELSRealTalks almost everyday (practical and tough love life advice) and you get to network with people who want to positively change and improve their lives!

How To Cope With Your Mental Triggers

Here are some exercises you can do in the following situations:


If you’re nervous about something, do any or all of these:

  1. Do at least 5-10 jumping jacks
  2. Shake your hands and arms like an octopus
  3. Take a deep breath, and say a forceful “ha!”
  4. Take a deep breath, hold it in for 5-10 seconds, then exhale (remember to breathe with your belly rising instead of your chest expanding)
  5. Avoid drinking coffee when you’re in this panicky state. I’ve taken up this solution and it helped me.



When you’re too demotivated to do anything:

  1. Count down from 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… then get up and go go go go!!!
  2. Take a cold bath to shake your spirit
  3. Go for at least a mile run
  4. Dance to a really happy song
  5. Exercise! It pumps up your adrenaline, so your body is awakened to move. This is my best bet because when I regularly went to the gym (especially if I’m on my Bipolar Disorder medications), a 15-20 minute HIIT or an hour’s session of mixed exercises will give me energy that lasts for at least 3 hours to 6 hours at most!

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When someone or something triggers you:

  1. Fizzle that feeling out: Imagine yourself as a thermometer and your strong emotion as the temperature. Now, allow yourself to feel it at 10 and visualise your emotion coming down like a fever. Do the 4-7-8 breathing now with deep belly breaths.

    Then mentally and/or verbally count down your emotion from 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0. This should put you in a neutral state. The best countdown for anger starts at 17.

    How did it go? Did you feel it disappear?

  2. Find a meditation video or guided exercise. There are plenty on Youtube, and App Store or Google Play.
  3. Take a timed nap. I do this with my favorite power nap app, Pzizz (which Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling also uses!) and app. (There’s also a website!)
  4. ** Very important ** Remember: This person is hurt or the situation is not within your control.
  5. Think that the person or situation is not affecting you. As if you are in a bubble, shielded. It is not a part of you. It is a separate thing.
  6. Stay away from any trigger and don’t participate in hate situations.
  7. MOST OF ALL, try not to use the word “hate” if what you meant was “dislike”, “disdain” or “frustration”. Learn to use more appropriate words rather than just defaulting to “hate” right away. An “I hate _____” mindset breeds negativity so you’re embedding that in your subconscious. The next time you encounter a trigger, whatever you’ve constantly fed your subconscious, will surface and you will feel on auto-pilot because it is easy. So why not make it positive? 🙂
  8. You can also resort to drinking tea to calm you down. (See my ultimate tea guide below + recommendations on teas you can drink & tea preparations)

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Feeling inadequate? Can’t help but pine for someone else’s success wishing that could also be yours? Jealousy isn’t entirely bad, it’s just an indicator of what you’re aspiring for.

Create a healthy outlet for it by doing the following:

  1. Unfollow that person who makes you jealous, stat. Don’t be tempted to check their updates. Keyword: distance.
  2. Then list your top 3 things that if you were to do them, you would feel like you’ve done something. It could be 3 things for the day, week or month at max. Or a combination of the 3.
  3. Have an affirmation tool like My Success And Daily Affirmation wallpaper. (You can download this below ⬇)
  4. Learn the psychology behind jealousy & learn how to cope with it.

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(Guys, I’ll make a masculine version of this soon!)

How about you? How do you cope with your triggers?
I’d love to update this list with more effective ways on dealing with stress and how to deal with your trigger. Share them and the good ones will be listed on this article. Thanks in advance!

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I hope this list helps you celebrate your life today and always.






PS: Feeling down? Contact me and let’s talk about it. I usually reply to all my emails within the week. You’re not alone. Help is here.

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