Why Being A Kid Is Essential To Reaching Your Goals

“Grow up!” or “Stop acting like a child!” are just two of the negative phrases adults often use to describe each other.

But what if you turn them positively? Did you know that being a kid is essential to reaching your goals?

1. Kids embrace their energy

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

Have you seen kids and wonder how they have so much hype to back their little bodies? It’s like they’re never running out of energy! Avis kept me running and chasing in this playground and before I could even answer that question, she’s off to someplace doing something!

Tap your inner kid: Finding out how to reach your goals can be a long and winding journey. Charge up for the ride and be excited in anything you’re trying to pursue! It could be an idea, a client, a new project or starting a business. Put excitement to what you’re building to achieve your dream. Excitement is the key to not quitting on what you do.

How do you know if it’s your passion? Simple.

Whatever it is that you’re putting off is not, and whatever you can’t wait to do is.


2. Kids are clueless on what they’re doing but they do it anyway

Be A Kid Again At Dave's Funhouse - EarthLoveSkin.com-54

While we were there, Avis kept going in and out of this mini jail to get the toys other kids have left. She doesn’t know what “going to jail” in real life means (lol) but the point is, she kept coming around because her eyes were dead-set on the toys.

Sometimes she would also crawl in small spaces to get what she wants. If she gets stuck on her way out, she cries for help because she knows I’m there.

Good thing, Dave’s Funhouse is a padded daycare so children are safe to tumble and roam around.

Tap your inner kid: Same thing in achieving your goals, there would be times that you have to go head-first into uncharted waters without knowing what lies ahead. Success or not, the only way to know is to do it.

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!Richard Branson

You might go into a venture without the full knowledge or capability, but your determination gets you there. It’s called tenacity. When you’re struggling, ask for help or for a sound advice from those who have taken that road.

And speaking of safety, make sure to have a safety net before you start your exciting venture. 

For example, postpone that resignation until you have a passive income or stay at your parent’s place to be able to save for the long haul.

Sure that luxurious apartment and independent living sound nice, but who is it really for? For you or for society’s opinion of you? Is it an asset or a liability masking as a good impression?

Another thing to overcome is your fear:

  • Is it fear of going through legal procedures when starting a business? Outsource it or study the process.
  • Is it fear of not knowing how to do a skill? Learn it.
  • Is it fear of making a mistake in something that you’re new at? Ask an expert or read expert blogs.
  • Is it fear of being overwhelmed in learning? Take a finished product and dissect or reverse-engineer it.
  • Is it fear of being outdated? Ask younger people to teach you how.
  • Is it fear of being alone? Join a like-minded network for dreamers like you.

Nowadays, the internet is brimming with resources that make it virtually possible for you to fulfill your dream. There are forums and supportive communities that can welcome you anytime you wish.

The choice is up to you.


3. Kids are great pursuers

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

What happens when you tell kids no? Do they listen?

Even “no, no, NO!” in your highest voice doesn’t cut it.

I’ve seen Avis do all sorts of things, and trust me, even though my girl is the cutest angel for me, she can be a piece of work too. There was this one time when one of the employees was sorting the toys (it was 30 minutes till closing) and Avis just kept taking them off the shelves.

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com
Poor bananas.

I realized then, that even if things were put into order, if a kid wants to play, a kid will have to mess.

Tap your inner kid: When society tells you not to follow your dream, will you listen? Why should you? Ask yourself if they’ve been there — on that exact road that you are going to travel to. It’s important to heed advice every now and then but remember that naysayers who have not accomplished what you aspire are NOT the experts to listen to.

Change the system, break some rules, fail sometime — these are the things that nobody will tell you except those who have experienced personal development in its raw form and have found a bit of happiness along the way.

I would tell my 19-year-old self that even though things didn’t look exactly as how it was envisioned by other people, I discovered what I wanted to do all along.


4. Kids try and try until they get what they want

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

Avis was trying to get all the items into this basket, but she was standing and wobbling so everything spilled out.

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

After a few minutes she learned that if she sat down, she could put them without dropping.

She dropped a lot of toys the first few times. I saw frustration in her eyes but never have I seen her give up.

Tap your inner kid: Resilience is a strength on its own.

Figuring out how to reach your goals can involve bloody tasks: staying up all night, establishing a system that works for you, sticking to your priorities and maintaining a sustainable income while taking risks are part of it all. So it helps to hold on and keep developing to see what happens if you proceed with your plan.

If you get discouraged, ask yourself:
“Would I still want to be on this same place that I am in now a year later?”

I doubt you would.

Therefore, find a path that you could never give up on. When you love what you do, it’s easier to rebound and learn from failures in this area. Settling on a life path that does not give your heart joy will only lead to resentment, blame and complaints.

Keep an open mind and learn. Use your downtime to set yourself up for success. Failures are simply pauses if you do better every time.

The only way to ensure future success is to keep making little realities for it in the present.


5. Kids have little to no regard with how people see them

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

As my daughter was playing, I noticed that she doesn’t care if she knocks out all the plastic ice cream cones and stick her head silly in this cabinet while the older kids are playing “properly”.

She’s having fun by not caring.

As adults we have this conforming mentality embedded to us once we’ve hit schools. We’ve become conscious beings who feel the need to be the best, sometimes even driving ourselves beyond our limits and forgetting to live a little.

Tap your inner kid: Don’t just accept the dogma. You have the right to question things.

For example, have you been in the classroom situation where at the end of the lesson, the teacher asks the class:

“Any questions?”

No one would raise a hand. Why?

It’s because most of the students (even me) are afraid to be shut down, afraid to have the wrong answer, to be judged and to be laughed at. The class ends, and this habit has become acceptable.

It’s called stagnancy. There is no growth in this place.

How can you break this barrier as an adult?

  1. Decide that your own life is the only thing you must focus on.
  2. Create one ultimate life goal. (Yes, just one. You can create other goals later.)
  3. All the priorities that you have in order must be aligned with this one goal.
  4. Prevent from comparing yourself to other people aka unsubscribe from those Facebook friends. Everybody has a timeline of their own. This applies to real life too.
  5. Do best in where you excel. Make it your mantra.
  6. Start creating a passive income out of it.


6. Kids see with another perspective

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

My baby likes talking to inanimate objects. I sort of encouraged her to do it. She says hi and hello to any recognizable thing she sees. I don’t care if they’re not moving, I’m training to teach her how to be friendly and polite.

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

She sees these dolls as people. So she sat down and talked to them.

Why Being A Kid Is Important In Reaching Your Goals | EarthLoveSkin.com

Avis: “Hi.”
Dolls: “…”

In her mind, it’s probably a different world. One that’s full of wonder over yonder.

Tap your inner kid: Try to see a world full of possibilities. Enjoy the company you have and make new friends along the way. Just make sure they are the right kind of people. It’s great to see life in another angle, so mix up your routine and goal-setting if one doesn’t succeed right away.

When I make my goals, I try to tackle everything thematically. But on some days, I can be a scatterbrain too so that’s when I reach out for my mom. She says that priority is key.

I may have to put one major goal on hold so I can focus on smaller and more attainable goals. This way, I feel productive & accomplished so it fuels my drive to tackle a bigger task.


7. Kids can become who they wanna be if they decide to be

This hit me like a brick in the head when I observed Avis trying on her new professions.

As I mentioned, at Dave’s Funhouse, kids can become anyone they wish for a day. And just like that, my little girl has a dual career.

Tap your inner kid: Putting this into context, reaching your goals or achieving your dream can start with a simple decision like that: the decision to make the conscious and powerful choice that today, you will take control of your life however small you are starting.

So why not start your dream now?


How to achieve your goal is not measured in age or experience, but by the willingness to follow through with your commitment and determination to learn.

Take it one baby step at a time.

What other traits from children do you admire? Share it in the comments!

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  2. Tessa Reply

    Loved your post! Very well written, informative and the pictures are supercute! 😉 It’s true: sometimes we should take an example to kids. They are so wonderful and handle things sometimes better than adults! Great post. x

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Oh Tessa, thank you for dropping by! I’m glad you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. True, being an adult often hinders me from seeing simple solutions. With my daughter around, I can now see her valuable lessons I should have figured out myself!

      Thanks again for reading!

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  3. Eva Bañez Reply

    They’re innocent, affectionate, and honest. Look how motherhood is shaping you! <3 Well-written, Iris!

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      Thank you Eva! ❤️‍

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  5. Lady Anne Louise Barrun Reply

    Nice post. I wonder kung san to? Parang ang ganda eh. Anyway, I agree with everything you say. Sometimes, I realize something or get inspired when I see my baby’s gesture.

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      Hi Lady Anne! This is in Dave’s Funhouse. They have branches all over Philippines. See the link for more snapshots of the place. 🙂

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  6. Patty | MrsC Reply

    I love this post! I was just doing research on how playtime is actually great for adults – That it helps boost productivity, makes a person happier, etc. Tapping into your inner kid really can work wonders for a person!

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    1. Iris Buenconsejo Reply

      I once read that stress is that forgotten kid inside you who longs to just be free and play. What is your research for, Patty? Sounds interesting! Link me up so I can read! Thank you for taking time to read my blog. 🙂

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    I love your post! very inspiring and encouraging! And i love looking at the pictures of your baby..so adorable 🙂

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    So love the post especially the tap your inner kid portion. thank you and more of this kind, please. PS Also bookmarked the Master the tips of Successful Women.

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    This is very well written Iris! I agree with everything you have mentioned. This is a must share!

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    I agree with pretty much everything you said! 😀

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    Nice post … wishing you a nice week ahead. Time to play 😉

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    I was nodding my head harder with every point you raised! I actually just read an article saying that stubborn kids are more likely to become successful. True but I prefer to call it bullheadedness haha!

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    100, 100, 100! totally agree!

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    Dave’s Fun House is I think the first play place I’ve taken my kid to.. super cute and not that expensive. My daughter had a great time nd so did I, hehe.

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  15. Mamanee San Luis Reply

    I am always told that I don’t look my age and I tell them that’s because I act my age most of the time, I still like to be able to communicate with my kids on their level especially if they want to dance or watch a YouTube surprise egg video.

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  16. nanaystrip Reply

    I love this post especially item number 1. I have this writing assignment that I can’t finish. I keep on looking for reasons why I can’t focus on the project but it seems that I’m not really into it. I should learn from my son. We have observed that he is interested in legos. He will put down everything just to finish his lego project. Kid’s passion is incomparable!

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  17. rollcoastermom Reply

    I do believe all of us have an inner child no matter how old we already are. It’s really a matter of knowing how to tap into it and unleash it during situations where being childlike can be beneficial. 🙂

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