Are You Still Desperate On Writing Your Resolutions Every New Year?

You can’t do that to yourself. Writing your resolutions is hard.

It’s going to suck the life out of you! I swear.

Buuuuuut it’s going to be worth it.


I’m not saying you should, but you could.
Then again, why do it only on New Year?

You don’t have to cave in with the pressure that comes every time the calendar turns a new leaf. Writing your resolutions as is is already difficult, so why do it at the time when everybody goes “I’m gonna do this and that”?

Be a hippie or somethin. Because you deserve writing your resolutions whenever you want.

Are You Still Desperate On Writing Your Resolutions Every New Year?

There’s no shame if at this time you don’t have goals yet or “have not accomplished anything” this year. What’s important now is you’re reading this and it sparked curiosity in you.

That’s what’s important. Curiosity.

The curiosity to start, to read, to try new adventures.

Even if those adventures are outdoors, indoors or in your mind, you’re already brewing something that could be possible – and isn’t that magic?

Imagine, something you’ve thought about becomes a reality.

Life can be pretty amazing if we choose to see it that way.

Ever heard of “stop and smell the roses” line?

Some people translate it to leisure, to take a vacation or to just do nothing. Me? I think it’s to reflect how the mundane things are so unequivocally miraculous.

Like how the heart just pumps blood to the rest of your body or how we live down here all caught up with our lives when there are such gigantic celestial bodies above us.

How beautiful it is to think of these things? And people say there are no miracles.

Are You Still Desperate On Writing Your Resolutions Every New Year?

If you’re writing your resolutions, remember… you can do it anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Please don’t limit yourself to feel unable on writing your resolutions or to do it – or even to feel unaccomplished if you think you hadn’t done something so majestic this year.

Don’t you know, you’ve already fulfilled something?

They’re small daily acts:

When you wake up in the morning.

When you nourish your body, even if you have to drag yourself just to get a meal.

When you try your hardest to start your fitness regime despite relapsing once in a while.

When you catch up with someone you know. (Score for thoughtfulness!)

When you realize you love yourself one day.

When you greet your family “good morning” and seeing them do their silly everyday routine. Shhhh!

And you know what, that’s perfectly fine.

Because living is already an accomplishment itself.

And little by little, someday you will be great. You will conquer your fear as you go along.

So don’t rush. Wanna know a secret? I reaaaaaally suck at this because I’m a Taurus – born impatient, hey! But everything will be in its right timing as I figured. I used to want, want, WANT IT NOW!

Although in the coming months, I’ll do my best to learn how to take it slow and enjoy the present. I keep hearing that a lot from wellness gurus and reading it from Facebook quotes – ever seen them?! They’re scattered on the web! Aaaaah!

But no, seriously. Writing your resolutions should be on your own timing. I’m about to end this blog post so I’m gonna drop another cliché on you:

Life is not a race. Don’t get drag in it.

Honor your pace. You’re the captain of your boat. 😉

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