Earth Love Skin is a lifestyle blog for the dreamers & the doers – from idea makers, freelancers, creators to entrepreneurs.

Think of it as your farm-to-table nourishment for your everyday pursuit towards your goals.

I write about the little wins in life, so that you too, can feel good on your path. This blog is grown for us as a constant discovery & celebration of all good things, even when life gets too much or our goals seem too far.

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Starting something and deciding to pursue your passion is a scary and lonely place, and too often you feel demotivated and confused. But it doesn’t have to be that way!


So what do you do then? Where do you go to find inspiration? Who do you talk to?

I’ve found that while I have many friends and acquaintances, there are rarely few who I can connect with on that level; even rarest are the ones who would be willing to help me. I call them my second family. But on the regular occasion, it’s just my mom who I can talk about my wildest dreams (cue Taylor Swift song here lol).

In my conversations with people… a lot of them struggle & can’t talk or act on their dreams because:

  • A) it sounds selfish to talk about themselves
  • B) their network is not interested with what they want to do
  • C) they get discouraged – especially by family
  • D) they don’t know how and where to start
  • E) they don’t know how to earn a living from their passion


Does that sound like you, too? Well then, pleasure to meet you, friend! 🙂

This blog exists to awaken that magic in us. Because when we feel good, we do good.

True life is lived when tiny changes occur Leo Tolstoy quote


Whatever it is that you are trying to make, I’m here to help you gravitate towards what is possible and what is good. I want to give you the tools & solutions I personally use so you can jumpstart & build amazing things!

Wouldn’t that feel nice? To belong to a support group and have a goal buddy by your side to cheer you on?

If you’re looking for a community to learn and grow with, you’ve come to the right place!

Ready to make a positive change? Join The Olive Table today.

I’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction. This is where I share the things that make my life worthwhile – anything about earth (for travel & life), love (for passion) and skin (food & lifestyle).

The first step is to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our goals.

I hope this blog helps you in any way and inspires you to create, as much as it does with me.


Who’s behind Earth Love Skin?

Hi. I’m Iris Buenconsejo (b’when-con-seh-ho)

And no, my hair isn’t naturally blonde.

I’m a young mama designer to a little girl named Avis Julia. I grew up in Cavite, Philippines for 18 years until I moved to Manila for 4 years for college then half a year in Mandaluyong where I worked my first and last office job.

My career was on a fast lane at 21 when I got burnt out and decided that the corporate ladder just isn’t my cut-out future. So when all that was done and nothing I did made sense anymore, I packed my bags and returned to my hometown.  It only took me a year and a half to realize that I should be working on my dream and ever since then I never want to look back.

Hey, life is too short to do anything but happy, right?

So I have an unconvential life, but it made me who I am today. And that’s the reason why I started Earth Love Skin, so that I can continuously help myself and others too.

Currently, I run 3 of my ventures + a non-profit for free and alternative education:

  • Tavolozza – my online lifestyle retail brand
  • Amplified27 – an art collective based in Philippines & Denmark
  • Go See Philippines! – a curated startup travel guide to Philippines
  • Pass On The Dream – a private non-profit organization for free and alternative education and helping people work for their passion

I also do a myriad of side projects. You can learn more about what I do here.

Mostly I work as an independent designer, with no fixed office & no fixed hours. I can’t call myself a full digital nomad yet, but I think I’m a pro life driver – I do things to seize its fulfillment. I hope one day I get to live and eat on the road with my daughter, in hitched rides and caravans, a guitar in hand and a tiny house to boot – or if that plan doesn’t come around then just a lovely home by the Blue Mountains with a patch of garden filled with organic goodness. On days I am not working, I travel to see raw beauty and soak culture in its right form. Or you know, I’m probably just at home playing “chomp chomp” with my little girl. Either way, life is grand.

Avis Julia, my little girl
Avis Julia, my little girl


My greatest goal is to help other people achieve their dreams while I live in my own. To improve & influence lives, and uplift this world are what make me feel alive. I am big on collaborations, so if you ever feel the need to get in touch, don’t hesitate!

Enjoy reading!

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