Kendall Jenner Quits Social Media: What We Can Learn From Her

Kendall Jenner quits social media, but she has a point.

Not that it’s a shocking news to the world (actually it has, with CNN covering it ‘yo). If it was any other 21-year-old, it would have been watered down by the sidelines, but Kendall isn’t just any 21-year-old.

The famous younger Kardashian sister has recently flooded the news because of her sudden social media break. She has deleted her Instagram and have deleted her Twitter app from her phone.

The age of apps and instant messaging

It’s funny how in the old movies, our present was depicted as a future with robots and chrome-laden city (cue Spongebob episode). Yet even though that has not come fully yet, our generation has been taken over by technology. Startups popping left and right, apps being made into business, GPS to track our location… the endless buzz and flood of it all hangs by the thread of a pro or a con.

Kendall Jenner quits social media. Would you?

For someone who’s thinking of doing a “social media detox” I would suggest not to dive head deep into the abyss. You may relapse and regret it later, checking all your thousands of emails in your inbox. Yikes.

So how would you exactly approach the situation?

The solution?

Take a break for a day and see how it goes.

After Kendall Jenner quits social media, she says it has only been 2 days but the world is going crazy over this rather mundane event. What more if it went on for more than a month? Would there be a grave dedicated to her now deceased Instagram account?

Kendall Jenner Quits Social Media: What We Can Learn From Her

Social media detox can save your time and your life

I can’t recall how many times I’ve missed family moments simply because I was busy snapping away for my Instagram and Snapchat. I’m guilty of it too. But what I can tell you is that, make sure if you’re capturing something… make it count!

I have went from the social media overwhelm as well.

There were weeks when I didn’t feel like checking Facebook and any other social media at all.

When I got back on my feet and checked my inbox I had a hundred messages. Oh boy.

But the point is, taking a break can actually save you more time instead of having the fear of missing out (FOMO as what millenials call it).


Here are some pointers if you feel like going on a detox like how Kendall Jenner quits social media:

  • EASY: Try out detoxing from your phone and computer for a day or two.
    MEDIUM: Gradually move up to weeks.
    HARD: Until 14 days. Only check it if it’s important like urgent calls and emails.
  • If you cannot do the extreme “day challenge yet” you can start with 15-30 minute breaks, followed by an hour and then 3 hours.
  • Turn off your instant notifications.
  • Log out of your apps if you still want to retain them but don’t want to be notified.
  • Put your phone in silent (not vibrate) option. This way you won’t be tempted to check.
  • For the more temporary and better option: Turn off your WiFi.
  • Only add people you actually know and enjoy the company of.
  • Place your phone somewhere you may feel too tired to reach.
  • Or rather: Entrust your phone to another close human being and make a pact not to give it until you’re done with your detox or whatever it is that you’re concentrating on.


When is it best to do the social media detox?

Whenever you feel that looming sense of overwhelm, that’s when you know. But for a more intricate guideline here’s my guesstimate:

  1. Weekends starting 7AM on Saturday to 11PM Sunday.
  2. Family occasions take an hour or two break. Leave phone at your hotel room or accommodation.
  3. During travels take a camera instead of your phone. Not only do you save your phone’s battery, but you’ll take better high def pictures as well.
  4. Hikes explanatory right? Bringing a cellphone in the mountains may be necessary for survival but you’ll probably not get a decent reception.
  5. Family meals oh this one’s a doozy. Many times I’ve seen people eat at restaurants while checking their phones. I used to be guilty about this, but I think here’s where the part of “bless us O Lord for the food we eat” comes in, because how can we bless our food properly if we’re Instagraming it before saying grace? At least say our graces first, amen?


Anyway, Kendall says this whole phase is a “detox” as it has taken over her life quite frankly. She says every morning and before bedtime, social media is her bff. But she might be back, just not soon enough.

See the full interview below.

Well, we can surely learn from that. Thanks Kendall.

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